You can feed grain and hay in the same feeder at the same time.

It has a movable disk with adjustable rods in the eating area so you can help control the rate at which your horse eats his food. Our hay feeder becomes entertainment with a food reward built in that will make your horse work for his meals and consume his feed at a slower rate.

Our hay feeder offers help to owners of horses that have problems with sand colic, choke, cribbing, ulcers, pawing or exhibit other boredom related behavioral problems. The hay feeder gives them hours of interactive feeding, something to do and thereby helps relieve stress.

As a bonus, there is less feed waste.

Introducing a novel concept in restrictive stall and paddock hay feeders for horses that slow down your horses eating time.

The Innovative


 Control FeederTM

Want to experience a restrictive hay feeder that can slow down and control the rate your horse eats, help him waste less and provide enjoyable stall time? The Control Feeder is one of the best horse feeder solutions to common feeding issues facing horse owners. Horse owners are becoming more aware of the need for horses to eat their hay ration for a longer time. Our feeder is one of only a few on the market that has been designed and manufactured for this specific purpose.Compare our features, looks and price with other horse stall hay feeders and we think you will see the value and benefits of the Control Feeder for your equine family member. 

  • CONTROLLED FEEDING - Veterinarians agree that eating slower promotes better digestion and healthier horses. The Control Feeder allows your horse to munch on his hay for hours rather than minutes. Restrictive hay feeders on the market don't give the owner an adjustable opening for their horses to eat thru and can't accept grain. Nets tear and are difficult to fill. Our hay feeder does both and has a built in drain.

  • LESS WASTE - Waste is nearly eliminated when feeding is controlled to one bite at a time. The Control Feeder helps manage your hay and grain budget.

  • FUN - Make stall time fun time! Your horse will enjoy spinning the Control Feeder disk while rooting around for every last piece of grain and hay. Horses enjoy twirling and nudging the exclusive Green Beads along the adjustable bars. Slow down your horse and let him have some fun with the best horse hay and grain feeder to come along!

  • EASY - It's easy to load and keep clean.The Control Feeder’s "patented" design allows you to easily adjust the feeder’s opening (no tools). From Drafts to Minis and the whole herd in between, the Control Feeder has a setting that’s just right!

  • Does your horse need to slow down for health reasons?
    Are you tired of hauling expensive, soiled hay to the manure pile?
    Does your horse gobble his feed and hay, then paw or pace?

    We think the solution is the best horse hay feeder on the market today,


    Desire to Improve

    Our website will tell you everything you want to know about our hay feeder and company. We invented and designed our now patented hay feeder with horse and owner in mind and believe that this product will be beneficial to both you and your horse. Our hay feeder is well thought out, engineered and field tested. We are still working on improvements to make it even better!

    Innovation in Design

    Our product is patented and offers horses and owners unique solutions to some long time issues related to caring for horses. We stand behind all our claims and if you are not happy, we will gladly refund your money, including shipping charges both ways. You cannot lose.